The Spirit Sisters – Who We Are and How We Came to Be

In October , 2012, the first cohort of Apprentices was launched at Chapel Hill United Methodist Church.  It consisted of 12 women who were recruited by Janet Wilson, Director of Volunteer Ministries at Chapel Hill, to explore spiritual practice, develop relationship with one another and build an authentic community.  We were an assorted group of Christian women from different vocations and congregations.  We met on a monthly basis to learn and participate in a variety of spiritual practices and grow in our relationship with God.  We had amazing leadership in Janet Wilson and Carrie Morton, Office Administrator at Chapel Hill.   Apprentices  was introduced as a time-limited journey of nine months.  Over the course of those nine months, we fully embraced the connections we had made and the authentic community that allowed us to share freely.

When the time came for the group to conclude, we decided that we really didn’t want to disperse and wanted to continue to gather and study and grow.  There have been a few changes in group membership, but the original intention to build an authentic community and build a closer and stronger relationship to Christ and each other has remained consistent.  A lovely outcome of that first cohort of Apprentices has been the emergence of strong women leaders that recognize, appreciate and encourage the spiritual gifts each member brings. 

The Apprentices format did not conclude with the first cohort.  Janet Wilson has continued to co-lead three additional Apprentices groups.  As the original cohort of Apprentices continued to meet regularly and engage in spiritual practice and study, the need to identify ourselves by a different name became apparent.  Through a group effort to identify a name for ourselves, we emerged as the Spirit Sisters.  We have continued to engage in active study, fellowship, spiritual practice and active prayer and blessing.  Our connections have remained strong.

As we have grown, the desire to encourage fellow women to embrace a variety of spiritual practices and build connections presented itself as a calling to the group.  Through discussion and prayer, the concept of Growing Through…….A Day of Spiritual Exploration for Women emerged.  The Spirit Sisters are looking forward to seeing this concept through from inception to completion.  We hope all who join us will depart the event inspired, refreshed and more committed to making spiritual practices a part of their daily lives.

Blessings to all. 


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